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About Amazon of Olympia

Amazon of Olympia is a cosplaying Wonder Woman enthusiast based in Olympia, WA.  She has been donating her time to various charities and community events since October of 2017.  Similar to the qualities of Wonder Woman, Amazon of Olympia is a positive role model who promotes compassion, love, and strength.  She defends women’s rights and supports equality for all.  Her desire is to inspire others through example.  She is a member of the Seattle group Costumed Characters for Causes (CC4C).  She is also a member of ACLU.



Amazon of Olympia is available for any event needing a positive, uplifting, and inspiring Superhero costumed character.  She is available for photographs and can read books to children.  She hands out WW stickers as well as her trading card.  She enjoys speaking to groups about self-confidence and empowerment.  Her new costume is child-appropriate.  Her props include a resin replica Sword of Athena (usually carried on her back), two shield options, the Lasso of Truth (coiled at her hip) and the iconic Indestructible Bracelets.  She also has a black traveling cloak. 


About Me

I have a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.  I taught ballet for over a decade to children and young adults.  In 2005 I added teaching Les Mills fitness classes to my teaching schedule.  I became certified in BodyFlow, BodyJam and CX30.  I also taught yoga, SilverSneakers and pilates classes.


I retired from teaching due to excess wear and tear on my joints.  I turned my focus to food, nutrition and cooking.  I did a year-long course at the University of Washington and received a certificate in Food, Health and Nutrition. I also received a certificate in the Culinary Arts from the Escoffier Culinary Institute (also a year-long program).  


I’ve worked in retail, modeling, film, marketing and as a personal trainer.  


Before the pandemic, you'd see me at the gym between 4 and 5 days a week.  Weight training with a personal trainer and doing cardio religiously.  I also worked with an aquatic trainer in the deep end of the pool.

Since the pandemic, I now work out at home, outside & indoors, rain or shine, utilizing my surroundings and limited equipment.  I do cardio on an elliptical trainer, and a stationary bike.  I weight train with a few hands weights, my body weight, bands, a kettlebell and TRX.  I also walk, practice yoga, pilates and stretch.  Working out and its benefits are very important to me.  I treat it not only as physical maintenance, but as mental, and spiritual therapy as well.  


A recent addition to my workouts is playing virtual reality.  I’ve become a bit obsessed with the Lightsaber Training Dojo in the game Vader Immortal (Episode III).  I can easily burn around 300 calories in an hour. 

I love to paddleboard, practice archery and cook.  My husband and I enjoy a good culinary adventure, traveling, and support the arts.


Giving Back

The charity work I do is an important part of my cosplay.  I feel it is the obvious next step in elevating the time, money and effort I put into portraying this iconic Super Heroine.  I take it very seriously and am in character while in costume.  I also try my best to walk the path of Wonder Woman even out of costume.  Kindness, compassion, acceptance, love and understanding are the pillars that make her different from all other Superheroes.  It only makes sense to donate my time where I am needed and or when I am requested.  That’s what she would do.  While given the chance, I would slay any number of bad guys or forces of evil.  However, what I can do, is visit children’s hospitals.  Donate my time at community events.  Be a figurehead at a local Woman’s March.  Chat with a group of 4th graders.  Visit a bereavement camp for kids.  Join other Superheroes in a photo booth, where donations benefit various children’s charities.  Be a special guest for an all-girls camp or a ballet seminar.  

These visits light up my heart.  No two events are the same and it’s a constant adventure.  The reactions I get from kids and adults alike are priceless.  My very favorite all-time experience is when kids (or even adults too sometimes) truly believe I am real.  I can see it in their wide eyes, their smile and in their infectious excitement.  Often jumping up and down with delight or fearlessly hugging me.  They have no doubt I can fly or can deflect bullets, or bust through a concrete wall.  The magic in those moments is absolutely without measure. 

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