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In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, I am answering the call for Wonder Woman themed activities and teaching PDF files by making them available to print.  Many of the files are for children, but some are specifically for young adults and older.  Certainly, folks of all ages can enjoy the coloring sheets.  Here in Washington state, the Governor has canceled all public and private schools for the reminder of the school year.  Distance and home learning is critically important, now more than ever.  All you need is a printer, to enjoy the sheets listed below.   

Fans of the 2017 Wonder Woman movie can find several files dedicated to the film.  I envision a fun family activity would be to print off and review one of the documents, watch the film, answer the questions individually and then discuss and compare your answers as a family.  Just don't forget the popcorn!



​Latitude and Longitude Coordinates Puzzle

Social Studies, History, Geography

Grades: 4-8

Coordinate Graph

Math, Graphing 

Grades: 5-9


Amazon of Olympia

Coloring Page

Wonder Woman

Word Search


Justice League


Wonder Woman Quiz

Level: Simple

What Kind of Superhero Would You Be?

Writing Exercise


Coloring by Subtraction




Coloring by Division 

Wonder Woman Mad Lib

English, Grammar, Short Stories

Grades 4-8

Wonder Woman Work Out

PE, Physical Activity 

Wonder Woman 

Coloring Sheet 

Wonder Woman (2017 film) Quiz

English, Visual Arts, Film

Grades: 7-12, Adult

Wonder Woman (2017 film) 

Study Guide Movie Packet

English, Arts, Drama, Film

Grades: 7-12, Adult

Wonder Woman Word Search

Wonder Woman Follow the Path

Wonder Woman Maze

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