Current Costume based on the 2017 WW Movie

  • Bodice, Skirt: Greg Maraio & GVM Designs on Etsy

  • Leather Scabbard: Props2Powerloaders on Etsy

  • Tiara: Moonandpetals on Etsy

  • Resin Tiara & Armband: KikiKannonStudios on Etsy

  • Stainless steel & brass Bracers: HollowEarthWorkshop on Etsy

  • Brass Arm Band: Garage Art Studio on Etsy

  • Fabric Hand wraps: PrincessKuno on Etsy

  • Leather Hand Wraps & Bracers: EquipImagination on Etsy

  • DOJ shield & Lasso: Jason Evans 

  • Metal Shield: ComicSandwiches on Etsy

  • Foam Shield: GiveWaveStudios on Etsy

  • Sword of Athena: Coregeek Creations on Etsy

  • 3-piece Boots: Hot Topic

  • Comfortable Wedge Sneakers by Linea Paolo

       Shoe paint & shoe armor by me

  • Cloak by: wyrdarmouries on Etsy

First Costume (2016)

  • Complete Costume Including Boot Armor,

      Skirt, Bodice, Tiara, Bracers, 

      Armband, Lasso, DOJ Sword & Shield

      by: Jason Evans,


  • Custom Wonder Woman quiver by Qwivers on Etsy​

  • Red & Blue fletched arrows, from The Knock Point

  • Bow: Ragim, Matrix

New 52 Costume (Cliff Chiang inspired)

  • Metal bracers, armband & choker by

      Hallow Earth Workshop on Etsy

  • Custom commissioned boots by Barismil

  • Bodice & cloth accessories by delphina123 on Etsy

  • Commissioned Sword by

  • Sword Scabbard/Holster designed by me

  • Pants, Lululemon or Athleta

  • Lasso, Cape and Cloak on Etsy

  • Faux Leather Jacket, Her Universe

  • Black Fleece Shrug by tpffaeriewear on Etsy

Formal Wonder Woman 

  • Skirt by KarpachevaBrand on Etsy

  • Bodice by delphina123 on Etsy

  • Lace Bracers, I made them with the help of Zaklabs

  • Lasso by CapeandCloak on Etsy

  • Head Piece by HedsThreads on Etsy


COMING SOON: Wonder Woman 84 Golden Armor

  • Zaklabs: helmet, armored bodysuit, wings

  • Me: fabric under-suit, leg armor, shoes, hand wraps


    Fabric Undersuit

        Adobe Illustrator

        Cricut Maker to cut HTV

        Fabric: Fabric Dryline lycra spandex wicking Performance Stretch, Nude from                 Uptown

        HTV (heat transfer vinyl): Siser North America - Easyweed Gold Foil 

        Undersuit seamstress: Bella Jean Boutique, Olympia

        Backup under-suit Design File by Brandon Gilbert with Arachnid Studios

        Suit Construction: The RPC Studio


    Leg Armor

        Adobe Illustrator 

        Cricut Maker to cut faux leather & HTV

        Eva 38 Foam, 4 mm from TNT Cosplay Supply

        Faux leather in Rose Gold from Joann’s

        Cricut HTV - Foil Iron-On Light Gold 

        Cosbond (adhesive)


    Shoes altered by me

    Style - Anna    Brand -  Linea Paolo

        Angelus Paint Leather Preparer And Deglazer

        Kleanstrip BD ADH Promoter (Bulldog adhesion promoter)

        Rust-Oleum Metallic gold spray paint

        Raleigh Restorations Scratch Resistant Sealer

WW Shield maker Grayson from

Comic Sandwiches

I don’t give all these amazing craftspeople listed above enough credit!  Without them, I would not be a Superhero.  They make, fashion, cobble, tinker, forge, and create all the fantastic components that go into making my complete Wonder Woman look.

You may notice I have multiples of the same item, made from a different material.

Often, what I wear or carry depends on the event.  For example, I don’t carry my 8 lb. shield or wear my metal bracers or fabric hand wraps (due to excessive hand sanitizing) when I visit the Seattle Children’s Hospital.  Instead, I carry my foam shield, wear leather bracers with no hand wraps.

In addition, I have spent a great deal of time, personalizing the different elements to make the costume & props more comfortable for me as well as functional as a whole.

Photo Editing  

Soul Studios -

Bats Edits - on Instagram 

Eric Manix Photography: Instagram & Facebook 

I am responsible for some of my own edits.

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