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Current Wonder Woman Costume based on the 2017 WW Movie

  • Bodice, Skirt: Greg Maraio & GVM Designs on Etsy

  • Leather Scabbard: DK Props on Etsy

  • Tiara: Moonandpetals on Etsy

  • Resin Tiara & Armband: KikiKannonStudios on Etsy

  • Stainless steel & brass Bracers: HollowEarthWorkshop on Etsy

  • Brass Arm Band: Garage Art Studio on Etsy

  • Fabric Hand wraps: PrincessKuno on Etsy

  • Leather Hand Wraps & Bracers: EquipImagination on Etsy

  • DOJ shield & Lasso: Jason Evans 

  • Metal Sun Shield: ComicSandwiches on Etsy

  • Foam Sun Shield: GiveWaveStudios on Etsy

  • Sword of Athena: Coregeek Creations on Etsy

  • Official Licensed Metal Replica God Killer

       Sword by Factory Entertainment 

  • 3-piece Boots: Hot Topic

  • Comfortable Wedge Sneakers by Linea Paolo

       Shoe paint & shoe armor by me

  • Cloak by: wyrdarmouries on Etsy

First WW Costume (2016)

  • Complete Costume Including Boot Armor,

      Skirt, Bodice, Tiara, Bracers, 

      Armband, Lasso, DOJ Sword & Shield

      By: Jason Evans,

New 52 Costume (inspired by the comic art of Cliff Chiang)

  • Metal bracers, armband & choker by

      Hallow Earth Workshop on Etsy

  • Custom commissioned boots by Barismil

  • Bodice & cloth accessories by delphina123 on Etsy

  • Commissioned Sword by

  • Sword Scabbard/Holster designed by me

  • Pants, Lululemon or Athleta

  • Lasso, Cape and Cloak on Etsy

  • Faux Leather Jacket, Her Universe

  • Black Fleece Shrug by tpffaeriewear on Etsy

Captain Carter (Marvel's "What If . . ." animated series)

  • Suit & belt, White Sheep Leather (for a review of my experience, see below)

  • Suit alterations, Leet Couture (Trina Lucas)

  • Aluminum back harness piece, Multiverse Replicas, Etsy

  • Harness made by me

  • Functional additions and adjustments, Me

  • Boots, Jessie Tall Boots by Naturalizer 

  • Gloves, Amazon

  • Shield, (all photos 8/2022 and after) Comic Sandwiches on Etsy

MISC. Accessories and Props 

  • Custom Dark Royal Blue Jedi Robe By Avalon Designs on Etsy

  • Princess Lightsaber By Ultra Sabers

  • Mjölnir (Thor’s Hammer) By Master Cutlery Knives on Etsy

  • Custom Burgundy Roman Style Cape By Bad Wolf Costumes on Etsy

  • Harry Potter style Wand By The Wand Shoppe Store on Etsy


  • Custom Wonder Woman quiver by Qwivers on Etsy​

  • Red & Blue fletched arrows, from The Knock Point

  • Bow: Ragim, Matrix

Formal Wonder Woman 

  • Skirt by KarpachevaBrand on Etsy

  • Bodice by delphina123 on Etsy

  • Lace Bracers, I made them with the help of Zaklabs

  • Lasso by CapeandCloak on Etsy

  • Head Piece by HedsThreads on Etsy


Wonder Woman 84 Golden Eagle Armor (Partnership)

  • Zaklabs: EVA foam helmet, armored bodysuit, wing-shell & wings

  • Me: fabric under-suit, leg armor, shoes, hand wraps


    Fabric Undersuit(s)

        Adobe Illustrator

        Cricut Maker to cut gold HTV

        Fabric: Fabric Dryline lycra spandex wicking Performance Stretch, Nude from                 Uptown

        HTV (heat transfer vinyl): Siser North America - Easyweed Gold Foil 

        Undersuit seamstress: Bella Jean Boutique, Olympia

        Backup under-suit Design File by Brandon Gilbert with Arachnid Studios

        Suit Construction: The RPC Studio


    Leg Armor

Files found on Etsy - Stassklass 

Cut 2 mm EVA foam with a Cricut

Primed with white Plasti Dip

Painted with Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold spray paint

Knee pieces glued with Cosbond: Attach & Build as well as Reinforcer

Glued to under-suit (while wearing or on a dummy) with Gutermann Creativ HT2 Textile Glue 

Help: Wonder Husband

Process inspired by Susie Creates Cosplay on IG



    Style - Anna    Brand -  Linea Paolo

        Angelus Paint Leather Preparer And Deglazer

        Kleanstrip BD ADH Promoter (Bulldog adhesion promoter)

        Rust-Oleum Metallic gold spray paint

        Raleigh Restorations Scratch Resistant Sealer

Current work in progress

Amazon Games Competitor from the movie Wonder Woman 1984

Bodysuit design by me 

Collaboration with Leet Couture 

Heat Transfer Vinyl on fabric, applied by me

Sewn by Leet Couture

Headpiece altered by me from Downen Creative Studios design 

Spear prop designed by me from a floor lamp base



WW Shield maker Grayson from

Comic Sandwiches

I don’t give all these amazing craftspeople listed above enough credit!  Without them, I would not be a Superhero.  They make, fashion, cobble, tinker, forge, and create all the fantastic components that go into making my complete Wonder Woman look.

You may notice I have multiples of the same item, made from a different material.

Often, what I wear or carry depends on the event.  For example, I don’t carry my 8 lb. shield or wear my metal bracers or fabric hand wraps (due to excessive hand sanitizing) when I visit the Seattle Children’s Hospital.  Instead, I carry my foam shield, wear leather bracers with no hand wraps.

In addition, I have spent a great deal of time, personalizing the different elements to make the costume & props more comfortable for me as well as functional as a whole.

Photo Editing  

Soul Studios -

Bats Edits - on Instagram 

Eric Manix Photography: Instagram & Facebook 

I am responsible for some of my own edits.

WW Support Team

Wonder Husband aka Wonder Woman Roadie (cosplay)

Costumed Characters for Causes


Honest Review of my experience with White Sheep Leather

White Sheep Leather was recommended to me after I asked a fellow cosplayer where they got their Captain Carter costume.  They specifically said to pay the extra $40 and get the custom fit option.  They chose that option and they said their costume fit great!

I ordered my Capital Carter costume from White Sheep Leather over the Holidays while they were offering a discount code.  I paid the extra fee to have the custom fit option and filled out their measurement form.   While I didn’t receive a shipping notice, the costume arrived in less than 2 weeks (from overseas).  I’m guessing the suit wasn’t custom-made to my measurements in less than two weeks.  The entire costume was WAY too BIG!  So instead of sending it back, I paid a professional seamstress to alter it.  Because the costume was so well made, it took her 14 hours.  The alterations cost far more than the costume itself.  So a costume I thought was really reasonably priced from a reputable source, ended up costing way more than I would have liked.

I emailed White Sheep Leather about this.  Their response was a disappointment.  I got a 3 sentence response that didn’t make much sense and offered no suggestions or means of making it right.  I don’t have a problem with a multilingual company!  However, if you are going to sell to an American market, then have someone on staff who can respond properly to an email.  

FYI the costume is not leather, it’s just the name of the company.  

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