Fall & Winter 2020 


We are now over six months into the COVID-19 pandemic. If like me, sometimes you struggle to find the positive; it’s been hard to see the light lately. This year has been full of challenges for sure! Currently, it’s mid-September, and wildfires are destroying much of California, Oregon, and Washington. Today, the air quality around my home is so bad; the visibility is less than one mile. Looking into the Fall, Winter, and Holiday Season, it’s hard to be optimistic. However, I have a great deal to be thankful for.  


During these trying times, it’s okay to have conflicted feelings. It’s appropriate to feel down from time to time. Feelings of sadness, distress, confusion, and agitation, as well as being unsettled and uncentered, are all appropriate. These feelings are natural in the given circumstances, in addition to whatever else you may have going on in your life. The important thing is not to beat yourself up for having them. That would be adding fuel to the fire. 


To help myself, I have started a list of small projects and things I’d like to do. For example, I’ve never made fried chicken, and it’s something I’ve set for myself to do this Fall. And there’s also a great Stickie Bun recipe I’m looking forward to making. I have looked into a few different online classes on subjects I’m interested in. I’ve even made a Positive Playlist full of uplifting and mood-altering music to listen to when the blues hit.  In addition, I’ve tried to eliminate the negative from life (mostly from online and social media).   I have created a home environment that I feel good about and I’ve made it a place I really want to be. It’s incredible what the appropriate music, a candle (or two), and a glass of your favorite beverage can do! 


Be good to yourself! Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone for help or to talk. This time is difficult for all of us. You are not alone.

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