Words of Encouragement 

A Message for Children and Adults

During This Uncertain Time of COVID-19


Hello, I’m writing from my home on Paradise Island.  Yes, I too am practicing self-quarantine.  This pandemic is a very serious global issue and it affects everyone on this planet, even Superheroes.    


This is an uncertain time for all of us and you may feel a little nervous, apprehensive or scared.  All of these feelings are acceptable.  The people around you may not have all the answers.  No one has all the answers right now.  And that’s okay.  In uncertain times, I like to practice a particular mindset that often helps me.


Accepting What Is

This is an amazing tool, but it takes some practice.  A great many things in life are a “what is”.  The weather is a “what is”.  The bully at school or jerk at work is a “what is”.  This pandemic is a “what is”.  A “what is” can be defined as a darn near anything you have little or no control over.  It can be another person.  It can be the way that person treats you.  A “what is” can be something that happens to you, like a broken ankle.  Or something you experience, like the loss of a pet.   It’s not something you have to like or even agree with.  But since you have no control over it, wasting energy on something you can’t control is not productive.  What you do have control over is how you handle it.  Such as cutting a bad person out of your life.  Taking the time to mourn the loss of a pet.  Following your doctor’s orders so your injury heals quickly.  Making constructive, active choices and decisions that are the best for you.


A few things that have helped me accept this pandemic as a “what is” are:

I continue to train and work out to keep my skills sharp.  The exercise makes me feel good and I enjoy the fresh air.


I cook yummy and nutritious meals.  I enjoy cooking and I love eating foods that nourish my body and keep me healthy, like plenty of fruits and vegetables.  I also enjoy a nice comforting cup of green tea, which is very good for you.  


I try to live a healthful lifestyle, so I remain as healthy as possible.  I get plenty of sleep.  I drink fluids, especially when I’m working out and I also keep up with my vitamins!  


Instead of looking at this quarantine time as forced, or unwanted, I am taking this time to catch up on a few things I usually don’t have time for.  Such as practicing archery, paddle boarding, organizing my bookshelves, baking and reading.  


I encourage you to look at this time with as much optimism and positivity as you can.  I know it’s challenging.  But we will endure.  We will see the end of this.  And one day we will be able to look back on these challenging days and be stronger for it!

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