Spring & Summer 2021


The last 12 + months have been a doozy!  We recently passed the Pandemic year milestone.  The vaccine is becoming more and more available and we are slowly starting to see a new normal.  This has been a really challenging time for all of us!  But at the same time, we have shown strength, resilience and courage.  


On a very personal note, I have been heavily impacted by three deaths in the last 9 months.  Each one, a significant presence in my life.  Each loss, hitting me differently.  During a moment of great sorrow, a loved one reminded me to be present in the pain and to feel it fully.  Because on the other side, is healing and growth.  And from that experience, a new person will emerge.  Much like the Phoenix cycle.  This is such a profound lesson.  A difficult and challenging lesson to be sure.  But one that will help us become a new and better version of ourselves.  


On the positive side, I am looking forward to my first official, public appearance in May (masked of course).  I am also excited to share my brand new cosplay - Wonder Woman 1984 Golden Eagle Armor (see below image by @bats_edits on IG).  Zaklabs and I partnered on the costume and I am so pleased with how it turned out!  For details on the process, check out the Partners page under the MISC tab of this website. 


Be good to yourself! Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone for help or to talk. This time is difficult for all of us. You are not alone.

PS  I am fully vaccinated!