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Summer 2023


I am very excited to share that I have been building a relationship for the past several months with the Olympic Flight Museum.  It’s a local museum attached to the Olympia Regional Airport.  We have already partnered on a few different projects and are currently gearing up for the Olympia Airshow Father’s Day weekend.  I’ve gathered a group of 8 total (myself included) Superhero cosplayers who will be special guests at the airshow.  


I’ve turned my Wonder Woman focus on featuring the Invisible Jet, hence the recent aviation-themed attention.  I organized a photo shoot at the airport on an active flight line.  With the support of the museum and the help of our handler, we were able to get some fantastic shots.  Not only with the Invisible Jet but also with an armed Black Hawk helicopter, a private jet, and a Huey helicopter.  Photographer Shanna Paxton was fantastic to work with.  My good friend Matt Paynton crafted the edit below, adding the shadow of the Invisible Jet.  

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